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25 01, 2019

Important Aspects To Know Before Buying A Solar Powered Car

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The latest trend running across the automobile industry is to make their manufacturing process more environment and pocket-friendly with continuous improvements in automobile research techniques to build efficient cars which utilizes the power of solar energy. Solar cars are hybrid cars that harness sunlight and convert them into electricity which helps in charging and storing the batteries to run the car’s motors mostly during the night, and some solar cars direct electricity straight into an electric motor to drive such cars. These cars use photovoltaic cells that are the main components of solar panels for conversion of sunlight into electricity. Such panels have semiconductors made of silicon to absorb the sunlight. The sun rays release electrons from the semiconductor creating a  sufficient flow of electricity to power the motors and batteries of the car to run on roads. This article would further provide insight into the benefits of choosing solar-powered cars and their limitations.

Benefits Of Using A Solar-Powered Car:

  • Sunlight, the main component of such vehicles, is readily available, free of cost and has unlimited lifespan thus saving money of the drivers who would otherwise spend in daily commuting from traditional fuel cars.
  • Sunlight is a renewable energy source with unlimited supply to run solar-powered vehicles for many years with no extra cost to obtain sunlight.
  • The solar panels of these solar powered cars do not create any noise while driving on the road.
  • They also do not emit harmful greenhouse gases as other gas engines do which is why it is always a safe option to drive and keeping the environment clean and pollution free.
  • The solar module has a lifespan of about 30 years which is a better option than buying a regular car.
  • The design and specifications of such vehicles serve onlya single purpose to trap enough solar energy in those solar panels for charging and storing adequate amounts of electricity in the motor and batteries of these cars and are not sophisticated as regular cars in design.

 also not so sophisticated in comparison to other heavy motor vehicles or luxurious sports cars •    Solar cars have a promising scope in the future to become an alternative mode of transport than traditional vehicles.

Limitations Of Solar-Powered Cars


  • Solar powered cars still need improvement in practical usage on roads as they are generally made for solar car racing and competitions and would take a longer time to be purchased as an alternative to fuel cars.
  • They are not widely used as traditional fuel cars on a large scale.
  • Such vehicles are mainly manufactured for sporting solar car races and sponsored for government agencies and for experimenting engineering research.
  • It is extremely riskier to drive solar-powered cars during cloudy days as solar panels would not be able to absorb solar energy to create an additional charge for car motors or batteries to run the car.
  • Equipment such as solar panels used in solar-powered vehicles is expensive.Also, the weight of solar photovoltaic cells and the spacing of the solar panel roof are considered to be the limiting factor of these cars.